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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Uploading day...

We slept in the morning. The weather was overcast with some very light showers. We decided to hang around the house. I needed some time to try and get videos and pictures uploaded because of the huge backlog I now have. We even took a nap around noon.

Finally about 1:30 things cleared off and we headed to the beach. Once again it was Orchid where we going. Driving past La Chiva we saw a lot of cars at the turnouts...so I knew that my shelter would be taken. I was, in a way, wanting to build another one anyway. I wanted to make it a little bit larger. Sure enough when we got there a party had our shelter. I was glad...gave me a project. Lorrie began her sun worshipping.

Not long after I began working on the cabana Andre and Judy came down to watch the construction. Andre had hidden some really nice limbs for me down where they usually hang out. I went down with Andre and retrived them. He did a really nice job because they were just the right diameter. We walked back down to my construction site and Andre helped me with the lashing of the poles. We all stood there and talked for a long time. This was Andre and Judy's last day on the island. They were leaving tomorrow on their way back to New York. But it's not as bad as it sounds because they're only in New York for 3 days then they head to Mexico. We'll miss them a lot. Wonderful people. I wish we lived nearer to them as I so value their company.

After the good-byes  it was back to the construction project for me. I decided to go ahead and put some diagonal bracing on the cabana because it looked like a storm might be coming in. After that was finished I ask Lorrie what we should name our new Casa. She said Casa Corona. I liked it. So I found a palm branch and carved the name into it. We plan on being at Casa Corona early tomorrow. Here's a few shots of it:

 Hasta maƱana


  1. I've got to say, I've really looked forward to reading your blog ever since I found it 2 months ago. My wife and I went to Vieques for the 1st time in March '10 and just as you guys did, we fell in love with the island and we can't wait to get back. In the 7 days we were there we covered all the places you and Lorrie have been and it's as if I'm there with you as you describe your daily adventures. Just as you did, we did a lot of homework prior to getting there and once we arrived, I felt I already been there and I knew the island like the inside of work shop.
    John David and Tonia (louisiana)
    PS - You have to go eat Dinner @ Coqui Fire (near the airport), great food-great price

  2. Thanx for the kind words John. It's 5 am now. I got up extra early because I'm to be the first ones at Orchid today. We're @ Casa Dos Chivos now and the roosters are singing to me in the darkness. I believe that Coqui Fire is no longer open and the owner no longer makes the hot sauce.


  3. Very nice!! It would be really cool if on your next trip to Vieques, you and Lori go back to Orchid and find that Casa Corona is still standing. :)

    Ivette (Puerto Rico)