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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Leaving Quinta Jabali

I  awoke @ 6am this morning and started coffee. Had some of the bread for breakfast and prepared to watch the sunrise over Esperanza. I took a picture of it. We're not going to head to the beach this morning, but rather wait until we drop off our luggage @ Casa Dos Chivos. This of course means that I'll be building another shelter since we know the other will be taken.

Lorrie's up now. We're just sitting here drinking our coffee and starring out into the Caribbean, not saying a word. It's like our morning meditation. Funny how the ocean has the ability to cause one to pause like that. Nice cool breeze this morning and you can plainly hear the ocean waves crashing.

I  decided to take some video of the gardens at Quinta Jabali, they really are beautiful. Here's a couple clips:

Before we left we had to enjoy the outdoor shower one last time. We also used some of the sea sponges we picked up along Playa Grande:


  1. Hi there! I'm considering Quinta Jabali as a 10th anniversary destination for my husband and me. I take it you'd recommend the place? Or are there other properties you like more? My husband loves modern architecture and design, hence the appeal of Quinta Jabali, but I'm still in the research phase. The only downside is that it's not walking distance to a beach (is it?).

  2. Aprille,

    Yes Quinta Jabali is within walking distance of a beach. It's a bit of a walk but it's across the road from the house. You'll find Playa Negra not far from Quinta Jabali. Is it one of the nicest beaches on the island...no. Are there any houses near the nicest beaches...no. The best beaches are to be found in the refuge and there's no housing in the rufuge.

    Most houses that are nearer a beach are on the Atlantic side and the beaches there are nowhere near the quality of the Caribbean side beaches. Many of the Atlantic side beaches are not really for swimming, more for beach combing. If your looking for powder white sand your gonna have to head to the refuge beaches. Would I recommend Quinta Jabali...in a heartbeat. Your not going to find a much more private house. The view is stunning. There's a story with the house. Michael's partner committed suicide before the house was finished, plus I think there might have been some budget problems. Anyway if you look real hard you can tell the house was not really finished as originally planned. That huge upper deck was supposed to be the living quarters. The downstairs kitchen was probably another bedroom, originally. At least that's what Lorrie and I have summized. Regardless it's a spectacular place and perfect for a couple who are wanting privacy.

    Another modern house near the same area is "Banana Winds". You can check out it's website. It doesn't have the views that Quinta Jabali has though and is nowhere near a beach.


  3. Thanks so much for your prompt reply. That's really helpful information.