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Friday, February 18, 2011

Houston...we have a problem

Well we made it to San Juan...just 2 hours late. This was the reason I decided NOT to try and make it to Vieques tonight.  There were  people on the plane  that had connecting flights with Cape Air on to Vieques. When were checking into the Best Western we ran into one of the couples on the plane that were supposed to go to Vieques via Cape Air. They missed their flight and didn't have any  place to stay in San Juan.  Not a bad decision we made to wait till the a.m. to make the flight to the island.

The problem originated in Houston. First they overbooked the flight and were asking for someone to give up a seat in exchange for $400 ticked credit and a room for the night. They would fly you out 24hrs later in a first class seat. We had a flight with Cape Air the next day @ 8 am, so that set up wouldn't  work. This put the boarding process back about 15 mins. I shot some video while we were waiting at the airport:

 Finally they found a taker and we boarded. We were sitting there on the plane and it had yet to pull away from the gate. That's when the captain told us there was a mechanical problem with the plane. I got some video of it when we got the news:

So we got off the plane, and anyone that flys knows how much of a pain it is to wait on all the passengers to get their carry-ons out of the overhead storage. Then we headed to the other end of the airport to board another plane. They also had to take all of the loaded luggage out and re-load onto our new plane.

So here we sit in our little room at the San Juan airport. I shot some video of it:

 We left the house @ 3am this morning. It's 7:10pm now. We fly over to the island at 8am tomorrow. The plane we'll be flying tomorrow only seats 9 people so surely it won't be overbooked.

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