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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Orchid Art Gallery

We hid under a palm tree on Playa Chiva, not wanting to take part in what looked like something from southern Florida. Maybe we take a rather obtuse perspective when visiting some of our favorite beaches, I don't know. I do know that we value silence and honor silence. Most however refuse to open up to it, instead constantly wrapping themselves in an endless blanket of stimuli. Maybe it's because when they surrender to silence it's intensity and mystery arise and an awareness of ones inner truth becomes apparent. That, I think, scares them. Anyway, we enjoy the meditative qualities of waves and the light plays on them. Sorry about becoming so reflective there...

So, after 30 mins or so I suggested we head to Orchid in hopes that it would proves less "grande" to the crowds, and we were right. Not only that, we were treated to a beautiful vista of rock art, created by other visitors to Orchid. I some pictures below.

As we walked along the beach edge admiring these simple, yet fascinating sculptures, we found ourselves compelled to add to the gallery. It is a challenge to find just the right base and a complimentary upright, but we managed and now our own Rembrandt is part of the family.

It was while we were walking along the east side of Orchid that we met Kathy. She too was admiring the gallery and added her own piece. We struck up a conversation and learned that she lives on the island, having only been here 8 months. She owns and opperates El Sombrero Viejo. Her father had ran the store for many years &  after his passing she moved to Vieques from Puerto Rico to continue to run the business. Kathy also introduced us to her daughter who has a particular talent for spotting sea life. She pointed out an octopus and a stingray while were standing there talking.

Lorrie and I then walked back to our spot on Orchid and just sat there, taking it all in. It was then that we felt like we had finally arrived on the island. Like having warm, sweet honey, oozing down over your head, neck, across your shoulders & finally enveloping your whole body. We sat there with big smiles, it's a great feeling.

But...it didn't last.

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