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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Feb 20th morning


With pounding heads we got up and packed, anxious to get some coffee and shed the burden of the last 7 hrs. Along with the room at Tradewinds comes a continental breakfast. The breakfast was fine, the coffee was theraputic. While we were finishing up breakfast I noticed I had missed a phone call the evening before and after cross-checking it with the one Michael (Quintal Jabali) had given me, I saw it was from Tyler the property manager.

Oh, one thing I need to interject about Tradewinds (and then I promise to let it rest). Although they advertise high speed internet, it's only available up in the dining area. Nothing in the rooms, well at least the one we were in.

So...I called Tyler about 8 am, appologizing for the early hour. He said it was no problem and he had been up for an hour. He then ask when we were checking out. "as soon as possible" I said. He said he could meet us at Tradewinds in an hour. That worked just fine for us.

About an hour later, while we were sitting there drinking some coffee, a guy comes up that Lorrie and I both recognize. It's Cameron's brother. We remember he was a carpenter and lived on the island. Neither Lorrie or I could remember his name though. He shook my hand and said "Hi Curt". Damn...I'm thinking, this guy has one heck of a memory. I only met him once and that was last November. I ask his name, appoligizing for not remembering. He replied "It's Tyler, I'm supposed to meet you two here right?" Lorrie and I couldn't believe it. We both laughed. We talked to Tyler for a bit, telling him how much we enjoyed hanging out with him and his brother last November at Lazy Jacks. They were both absolutely hammered each and every time we saw them. I told Tyler that I had video of him and Cameron on you-tube and they were blasted. He said he needs to be careful how he acts in public from now on. We all laughed. It was then that Tyler said those magic words "Are you ready to go to the house?"

You don't know how ready we were.

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