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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playa Chiva...MIA

So we head out to Playa Chiva. No snorkel gear...no beach chairs (the room doesn't have any)..and no cooler. Yeah...that's a problem. Do we buy one and donate it to the room so that the next person might have something? Nah...we cobble together a make-shift cooler out of plastic bags. Stop by the Green Store and pick up a water and Sprite for Lorrie and a six pack of Medalla for me. They're out of ice...so we buy a plastic grocery sack with some ice chunks.

Upon approaching the turnouts to each of the beach spots on Playa Chiva we notice there's at least 3-4 cars at EACH AND EVERY SPOT. Hmm..that's odd? We finally make it to #10 (that's our favorite) and I jokingly say "they'll probably be 8 cars at this one." Well...I was wrong. There was 9.  We don't know what to think. So we reluctantly park amongst the crowd and walk out to the beach and that's when it hits us. There are 11 BIG yachts up to the beach and one monster catamaran. It was like we just headed north and were on Longboat Key or something. We stood there in awe...feeling violated that the rest of the world found out about Playa Chiva. We counted no less than 100 people on the beach. Complete with volleyball net and charcoal grills.

I wanted to hide.



  1. Curt, Sorry to hear about all the issues you've had to face up to this point. Not very Vieques like is it? Hope thing got better on Monday, Chiva cleared out, and all the boats gone. We'll be flying in on March 2nd, it will be our 7th trip to Vieques in the last 5 years. Can't wait to get there , see the horses, and hear the roosters during the day and the coqui at night. See ya on the beach!

  2. Wow Curt, i hope you can find some solitude and that the rental is nice. Are there still tons of burrs at Blue Beach? It has never been my favorite. I get to the island on the 1st. cheers

  3. Janet...the rental was wonderful. We're now at the second house and have internet access. There still are more people than we experienced last year, but not that bad. We've ran into burrs everywhere except on Playa Grande. If you make it to Orchid before the 5th I bet you see us in our little cabana.


  4. Greg and Abby...the little interuption at Tradewinds is a distant memory now. Have been meeting such wonderful people this time on the island. Hope to see you on Orchid.

    Curt and Lorrie