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Sunday, February 20, 2011


We stayed on Orchid for 3 or 4 hours, not sure we didn't pay attention (that's a good thing and means that the island is working it's magic). We drove back to Esperanza for a quick fumigation of chlorine gas while we changed cloths in our room at Tradewinds. Then we headed to Lazy Jacks. We felt like pizza and according to popular opinion, Lazy Jacks is the place. Ricky was the man behind the bar taking our order while mixing an endless stream of "painkillers". We ordered a meatlovers pizza and yes it lived up to it's reputation. Well done Lazy Jacks.

After we finished the pizza and were enjoying a couple Coronas, three ladies sat down next to us. The one closest to Lorrie struck up a conversation with us. We learned that she was from Philly and was divorced after being married for 38 years. She wasn't bitter about the divorce at all, she just didn't have any use for her ex, AKA "Was-bund". That was the name the three ladies used when referring to their respective ex's and yes all three were divorcees, one having only been divorced for a few months. Lorrie and I got the biggest kick out of listening to them talk about their "was-bunds". The lady that was next to Lorrie, the one that struck up the conversation and was doing the lion's share of talking, was particularly vibrant. A handsome woman that radiated a love of life. Lorrie ask her what her age was. (Funny how it seems women can get away with asking that, but it's almost a felony for a guy to ask that taboo question.) Anyway, she told us she was 75 years young! We were both awe-struck. It absolutely didn't seem possible. We talked with her for a long time.

By now it was getting late and we both were really tired from the day. We decided, relunctantly, to head back to Tradewinds. We both were secretely hating the thought of spending an entire night in the "gas-chamber".

Wish us luck!


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