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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quinta Jabali

Feb 20

"Quinta Jabali"

First I have lots of pictures and videos to upload...I'm sitting here at Tradewinds loading text. Check back because the video and pictures are amazing. Also..there may be some confusion with the continuity of the blog due to the fact that I'm entering 4 days worth  of posts at once....

That said

The drive up to Quinta Jabali is extremely steep. It is all concrete and I was amazed that they were even able to pour it. Tyler told the drive cost 80K. The maid had yet to arrive and prepare the house for us, we were very early. We dropped off our luggage, got a quick tour of the house and headed to a beach just down from the house that Tyler suggested for snorkeling.

We we arrived at the beach, which really is directly down from the house, the surf was rough but we knew at the very least we could try out our new snorkel vests. So..with snorkel vests on we headed out into the water. As we had expected the water was just too rough to snorkel. There were lots of sea grass and sand making visability poor at best. The snorkel vests worked fabulously though and it was a good thing because we were both really tired from our night in the gas chamber.

After we got out of the water Lorrie walked east down the beach and found a patch of black sand beside some cliff faces. We're not sure but this may be Playa Negra. We also watched some guys head out off the beach and do some spear fishing just off the reef. It looked as though they were having some luck. By now is was after noon, well passed the time the maid said she would be finished, so we headed back to the house, keys in hand.

The house was really beautiful but rather than explore every nook and cranny we opted to take a nap, the chemical hangover just wouldn't let up. After a nap we were both famished and still having that dull, lack of sleep, head-ache we opted to just drive to Island Adventures and grab a quick/cheap bite to eat. We both orded chicken fajitas and suprisenly were both very disaappointed in the meal. That's a first for Island Adventures as we've eaten there many times. The bill was only $24 so not so much lost.

After the meal we headed back to the house to get a real nights sleep.

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