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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The chlorine closet....

So we finally get to the room. Upon openning the door we were blasted with a damp chlorine smell reminiscent of the swimming pool at our local YMCA. I have video of our reaction, which I'll have to upload later. Count how many times I say "wow" during the video.

 One of the first things Lorrie see's is a can of  Raid placed atop of the dresser. I'm wondering where the electical outlets are? I can't fine one? Then I see one of the flourescent bulbs has an adapter hooked to it. The fridge is plugged into this one.

We decide to dump the luggage and get out of the room.  Our destination Playa Chiva. Couple hours at Blue beach and all this chlorine gas will be a distant memory.

Hasta Luega...

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