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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catch Up Day

I was up early this morning, 5:30am. Got up, made coffee and prepared to watch the sunrise. It looked much cloudier today, a good day to hang around the house and catch up on odds and ends. Lorrie was up about 45 mins later. She made pancakes. We ate by the pool and watched the sunrise. I got a few shots of it:

After breakfast Lorrie decided to do some laundry. I began typing my blog entries. My plan was to head into town later and upload the text, maybe a few photos. A lot depended upon what kind of internet connection I came up with.

Since this is an odds and ends kind of post I'll mention  a few things about Quinta Jabali. First, the two things we like the most about the house. The view and the outdoor shower, in no particular order.

The hot water in the house is an "on demand" type of set-up. The heater for the west side of the house (the one i shot the video in) has a habit of tripping the circuit breaker. I've reset it 3 times now. I spoke with Tyler about it and he was already aware of the problem.

Here's some video of the view.

The lighting for the house is state of the art (or at least the way we interpret state of the art). Every light in the house is on a programable dimmer, very easy to create a romantic ambiance. But from a practical sense some areas sorta fail. As is always the case, the novelty of a new house will wear off and one becomes a critic of functionality. Case in point, the master bath. There is only on round designer type of mirror and light is very soft. Like I said earlier it really creates a mood. But when you've got to put in your contacts there's just not enought light. Probably the least funtional part of the house is the sink in the master bathroom. It is a strange creation and nearly impossible to brush your teeth in. Just a few observations. We certainly don't want to come across as too critical. The house IS beautiful and is more a work of art than a place you would live in. We are also aware of how the intial plans for the house changed due to budget over-runs. And lastly it's  much more than we could ever afford to live in ourselves.

Before heading into town we decided to check out the pool at the house. I shot some video of it:

We left the house about 11 or so and headed into Esperanza. We decided to try Tradewinds so I could upload the text for the blog. The internet connection at Tradewinds was excellent this day and Dottie was working so very hard again.

We met a couple while we were there, Bill and Bev from Mass. The both took early retirement from HP and Bill is now a realtor. During our conversation Bill told me he had a fixer upper in Esperanza (Bill is a realtor in Mass). He gave me the combination to the key box so we could check it out if we so desired. We talked with the two of them for so long that we decided to head to Belly Buttons to get something for lunch. Suprisingly I was able to pick up the internet connection from Tradewinds down at Belly Buttons and it seemed even stronger. I guess my initial observations about the internet at Tradewinds was wrong. It's just very poor/not there in the rooms we stayed at.

I ordered the angus burger and Lorrie had a tuna sandwich from Belly Buttons. The angus burger was very poor. Neither of us were impressed. Price was $25, including tip, so not much was lost. After lunch we drove by the house Bill was selling. Yes it is a fixer upper. Just not sure I could ever bring myself to pay 180K for something I could buy back home for under 30K. I know, back home it gets down to single digit temps this time of year.

By the time we were down looking at the house it was mid afternoon. Lorrie and I decided to just head down to Playa Grande for the evening. I'm sitting here now, on the beach @ Playa Grande writing this. Rough surf is pounding away and a nearly constant tradewind has an ocean mist blowing on shore.

I took a few pictures and some video of Playa Grande.

and here's some video:


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