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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vegetable Market

Feb 22

Vegetable market

We awoke this moring early. Watched the sun rise across Esperanza, drank coffe, ate eggs and had the last of that wonderful raison/cinnamon bread from the Green store. Didn't leave Quinta Jabali until 10am, you hate to leave at all.

Unsure of our destination today we headed into Isabel to procure gasoline. It seems that are rental has a non functioning gas gage. Topped off the tank and went by the vegetable market. The place was packed. Only one papaya, which we purchased. Left a little disappointed.

We took the road up by Casa Dos Chivos and on the way stopped by a house that I knew was for sale. It wasn't much but the view is spectacular. I think the asking price was just under 300k. Would need a lot of work, but the view is to die for. Hooked up with 997 and headed for the eastern beaches, first stop, Playa Chiva.

When we arrived at turn-out #10, our fave, there was only one car parked. So..things looked promising. There was though a lot of garbage on the ground where people park. Lorrie went to check out how populated the beach was and I decided to tidy up the parking area. I was glad to see that some garbage cans had been installed and that the large unsightly pile of garbage that had resided under a tree, the last two trips,  was gone. Now if only they would intall some instructions for the garbage can usage for visitors. I suppose it would have to be a kiosk, since reading a sign would involve too much effort. Anyway...the place looked soo much better after I picked up some.

Lorrie came back with a report that there were between 20-40 people on the beach, well beyond our tolerable threshold. She decided we should head to Orchid. We have, over the last 3 days, grown quite fond of Orchid. The snorkeling on both sides of the beach is very good and who couldn't love the rock art gallery. When we arrived at Orchid I counted 22 bodies. We parked at the only available spot, which was on the western edge. I immediately began work on a shelter.

All I had brought with me this trip was a Leatherman. Somehow I had lost my folding saw at home. It took roughly 11 bows to build the hut. I noticed one woman watching me as I constructed the shelter. After I had thrown on the last of the palm fronds she came over and told us how kewl it was to watch me build it. It took all of an hour to construct and we'll use it all week. Everything you need to build one is there on the beach, including rope. As Lorrie and I walked down the beach people would come up to us and comment on our little hut. Many ask if we were in training for "Survivor".

I'm sitting here writing this entry in a notebook (I'll type it later for entry into the blog). The only thing I could wish for would be a couple more Coronas, I just finished the last of what we brought today. There's a steady breeze which is the most perfect temperature and the azul color of the water looks unreal.


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