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Monday, February 21, 2011

Fresh Mangos

Feb 21

Fresh Mangos

We missed the sunrise this morning because we slept in. We had a breakfast of boiled eggs and coffee. I had noticed on the drive up to the house yesterday, what I thought were mangos under a tree that's along the drive. I decided to walk down and check it out. To my delight there were ripe mangos laying under the tree. I grabbed a couple to take up and show to Lorrie. We sliced them open and ended up eating both. The were/are delicious. While we were sitting there by the pool, eating our mangos and drinking our coffee ( and I literally mean "our" coffee as we brought our own beans and grinder like we always do) that same peace that we had @ Orchid the day before came back to us. This time it was here to stay.

Our destination for the day was Orchid beach. It had always been our plan to snorkel both sides of Orchid. So after a quick stop by the Green store for provisions (Coronas and some of that wonderful bread) we headed out.

When we arrived at Orchid there were only a few other people. We claimed the same palm frond lean-to that we had used the day before. It didn't take me long to gear-up and head out and snorkel the east side of the beach. I was amazed at how expansive the reef was and all the fish that were present. I stayed out about 45 mins and then went  back to report my finding to Lorrie. After a brief rest we both headed out to snorkel the same east side and saw lots of fish. Saw our first ray up close. It was beautiful. Looked to be about 4 foot across and tip to tail must have been over 8 feet. We were close enough to see all the spots on it. As luck would have it I didn't take the video cam with me and got no shots.

We stayed at the beach for 3 hours, the weather was perfect. Lorrie was in need of a lanyard for her sunglasses so we decided to leave and head into Isabel hoping to find the lanyard @ Blackbeards. No luck. All they had were the really thick ones that she doesn't like. Since we were already in Isabel we decided to try Coconuts for our evening meal. We had never eaten there before and had read all the raves about it.

We arrived at Coconuts @ 5pm. We walked into the outdoor seating area and asked a young gentleman wearing a Coconuts shirt if they were serving yet. He said not until 5:30, but the bar was open. Having 3o mins to burn we decided to walk down to Morales, which is very near Coconuts, to see what kind of provisions they had at that store. We were pleased with the selection and decided to go there after eating at Coconuts. So...back to Coconuts as it was nearing 5:30.

We walked back into the outdoor seating and seeing no host to seat us, we sat at a small table. One other couple came in after us and was seated by a woman. I watched her take their drink orders. Still waiting we noticed a gentleman walk in, he had a small table setup where he was selling necklaces and such, he walked into the bar area and spoke with a young man. As he walked back past us, he said "They'll be right with you", I thanked him. In just a few minutes the hostess arrived at our table to inform us that we were sitting at a reserved table and all the tables were spoken for. Feeling a little embarassed, we apolgized to her. We had no idea we needed reservations. She said it had just been crazy all week. As we were getting up she said to hold on a minute and that maybe she could squeeze us in. I thanked her. She came back in a few minutes and said that the table we were at wasn't reserved unitl 7pm a full 1.5 hrs later and she thought it would work. I certainly thought it would work too.

We had an appetizer of some sort of squid salad, I know there's a proper name for it but I cant' remember now. It was ok...nothing special. For an entree each of us had some sort of slow roasted pork with pickled green bananas and pigeon peas. The pork was just about perfect, very well presented. We ordered the home-made ice cream for desert. That was some of the very best ice cream we've ever had. We tried three flavors. A goat cheese that tasted like cheese cake, some sort of apple sorbet that was undescribable and a mint chocolate chip. All in all, one of the best meals we've had on the island. Bravo Coconuts! Total bill, including tip, came to $72.

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