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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Amex Gold Rewards losing it's luster...

Ok...here's the problem. Continental Airlines stopped accepting American Express Gold rewards points for miles in September of this year (I think that's when it happened). So now we have to use the points to either buy the junk they sell, use them on Amazon, or pay our charges with them. The only problem is the annual fee.  Last night, for the first time,  I  used the points to pay charges on our card. The annual fee was the first thing I paid. I then paid for a lunch Lorrie and I had in Charlotte, NC on our last trip to the island. Lastly I paid for a couple of trips to our local Walmart. All told it was 41k points worth or $251. So that was my reward. Take away the $175 annual fee and we netted about $76. Not a great return. We ended up getting basically .02% back (that's 2/10's of a percent). We're seriously considering another card now.

 The Continental OnePass Plus looks interesting. You see, we fly more with Continental because Cape Air is one of their partners. Our bags always check through, so it helps getting to the island. The OnePass give you 1 checked bag for free and 2 annual memberships to United Clubs.

Anyone else have any other ideas?

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