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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Playa Escondida

Today...which was actually yesterday....we went to Playa Escondida. We had driven out to Playa Plata but someone was already in my cabana (we were lazy and slept in). So..we decided to head down to Escondida and check it out. When I had looked at it this past Feb there wasn't much of a beach. This time things looked much better. So...Lorrie and I set up at it for the day. It's not a very big beach but very secluded. Escondido translates to hidden or secret, or at least I think it does.

When I went to open up the back hatch on the Jeep I noticed a gecko on the handle. We had noticed him on the Jeep when we were leaving Los Frutales. I wonder if it was the same one and he made the trip all the way from Monte Santo?

Speaking of when we left check, out my wife opening the gate at Los Frutales before we left.

Now before you get the wrong idea I don't make her open it up every time, only when I'm filming or taking pictures. She's a real trooper.

Back to Escondio...we set up camp in a flash. I was beside myself because I didn't have to build a cabana this time. We backed the Jeep down very near to the beach.

Lorrie wasted no time heading out into the water, it was rather warm. I took a shot of her.

Not having to build a cabana left me with some pent up energy so I decided I was going to open up a coconut and get at some coconut water and fresh coconut. If you've ever opened one you know how much of a chore it is. Perfect little task to keep me busy for awhile. I took some pictures of my progress below:

Not sure how long it took me but I finally managed to get at the coconut. When I punched a hole in it to get at the water an odor, reminiscent of the south end of Terre Haute (the south end of Terre Haute is where the sewage plant is), became apparent. So much for coconut water. Next mission was spearfishing. So I got all my gear on and headed out. Lorrie took a shot of me "dressed to the nines".

I first went over to the point behind me in this picture. Visibility was fair, but there was still a lot of sand being stirred up. Saw some fish but not much of any size. Next I headed over to the other side of Escondida where I had done some rock balancing. Amazing coral over there, better than we've seen on  Orchid. I did see a few fish but didn't have any luck.   " Swing and a miss...Steeerrrike 2"

Worn out from the swim, I was out over an hour, I came back to shore and had some "canned" coconut water. It was a really nice day, hot, but having the privacy of the entire beach was wonderful.  After resting for a spell Lorrie and I headed back out into the water. Lorrie was floating around in the water and I grabbed the video cam. She knows that I'm no good at just floating and was showing off. I was filming her with an entirely different motive. The clips below:

Home run!!

Next Lorrie and I did some exploring on the west side of Escondida. We went all the way around to where you can almost see the eastern part of Playa Chiva.  We took some video along the way. I'll get it uploaded later. It was 3:30 and we decided to head back.

Lastly here's the drive going up to Los Frutales:

Today is Lorries birthday....and to celebrate we went to Coconuts for dinner. We were surprised to find out just how much the menu had changed. We also noticed there was NO ice cream. That is a shame. It seems they have a new chef and will be offering more salad items and more of an Italian slant on their entrees. I had crab cakes for appetizer, Lorrie had a salad. Lorrie had an Angus burger and I had fish and chips. I know...doesn't sound very exciting, but there just wasn't nearly the offering of entrees that they had in Feb. Food was fine. Waitress was absolutely wonderful best we've had on the island. Bill was $80, we had a $25 bar tab (Lorrie had 2 mojitos $16 and I had a scotch $10).

Headed back to the house and turned in early.


  1. Thanks guys. This is the second year we'v celebrated her birthday on the island.