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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cleanup day.....

We slept in this morning after having gone into Isabel last night for Kathy's "November Birthday/Thanksgiving day party @ El Sombrero Viejo. Lorrie was one of the November birthdays. Some people we knew and  we also met a few more.

So like I said we got as late start. We had decided yesterday we were going to head to Orchid today and since it was nearly 10 am when we arrived I was surprised to find no one in our little cabana. It was windy today and the forecast was calling for a 40% chance of rain. I decided that we needed an addition to the cabana to protect us more, should the rain show up. As I was building I saw a storm coming. Lorrie and I could see the rain with it so I hurried to get things finished. Here's some pictures of it:

Lorrie was really worried about the approaching storm too, as you can tell in the above shot. I finally woke her up and said "Hey....you might want to check out what's coming at us."

It was really an impressive looking storm and it seems to be coming right for us.

So she got up, reluctantly I might add, and checked it out. I pointed out our new addition to the cabana and how we were now ready for when it hit. Here's another shot of it:


And then, it went right by us without even a drop of rain.

The skies became clear after that and stayed that way for the rest of the day. Lorrie went back to sun worshipping and I headed over to the Orchid Art gallery to balance a few more rocks. I took some pictures this time:

On the way back over to our camp I saw this piece of driftwood covered in these little snails. By now it was getting on towards afternoon  and that only means one thing....

Yes...Sol Food. Consistently the best performer on the island. We had the pulled pork sandwiches and the lentil curry. And I've got just one thing to say to you, Brandi....the lentil curry is "da bomb".  We now wish you wouldn't have told us about it because we CRAVE it.  Great recommendation Brandi...thanks.

Belly's full  it was time to just "chillax" (to quote my daughter). So that's what we did for most of the afternoon. Lorrie and I had the whole beach to ourselves for most all the day. One othe couple showed up, but didn't stay long. The wind stayed strong all day so there was really no use in trying to snorkel, besides we've been doing so much of it this trip, a break was nice. On about 3 or so I decided that Orchid was in dire need of some sprucing up. So I went about picking up all the garbage that was laying about the beach, mostly plastic jugs, with an occasionally sandal. After the first couple of bags Lorrie joined me and we did the whole thing. We ended up getting 8 piles about like the one in the picture below.

We can honestly say now that Orchid will look better than we found it. Tomorrow is our last full day on the island. We'll be heading back to Orchid for it.

Hasta Manana


  1. Oh the salad! I am so glad I was able to help. I wonder if you would have any luck getting the recipe? And, yes, the craving will follow you home. Though, come to think of it, it probably doesn't taste quite the same without the view.

  2. Well...what I didn't tell you is that Lorrie and I are sort of cury connoisseurs, by that I mean you can always find Mae Ploy in our cupboard. We regularly make own own green curry chiken. So the lentil cury was right up our alley. I'll have Lorrie ask Nichole tomorrow when we get lunch again.