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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lorrie goes exploring....

It's 1:30 on Wednesday  and I have to say that being in Los Frutales is now like being in a different place all together. For one..there is no TV going across the street. Oh..you can hear the normal noises in the distance, cars, roosters, I hear someone banging a hammer..but that's about it. The rain today has really cooled things down and breezes now are through-out the house. Big...big difference from the last few days. Very relaxing and comfortable. I might just end up changing my mind about this place.

The rest of this post is about yesterday on Playa Escondida

While I was just taking it easy at "camp Playa Escondida", Lorrie decided to take a little hike with the video cam, on her own. All in all she did a pretty good job. The first segment is a riot though because she had the video cam backwards. How does one do that? I dunno...and that's why I love her. Anyway...first clip is the one of her filming backwards...she told me not to post it...but I am anyway. That's why she loves me...right?

I had forgotten to mention in my other post that I saw a great barracuda when I went out snorkeling. He was very close and of a decent size. I also saw some lion fish on the reef west of Escondida. Saw lots of fish that I didn't recognize. I looked up the squirrel fish...saw lots of them. I saw one huge fish, oval shaped with a short narrow mouth and a small rounded like rear fin? It was a tan/yellowish color. It was probably 2 foot long and about 1.5 foot tall.

We stayed at Playa Escondida until nearly 4pm. Headed back to the Fruit Trees. We took some video of the drive out of Playa Escondida:


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