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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Love Shack....

Lorrie and I felt compelled to do a video on the "Love Shack" that's on Playa Plata right now. It's seeing a lot of usage and everyone loves it. This is the same shack that the guy was doing the addition on yesterday. So with further ado here's the "LOVE SHACK"......

Surf was up on Playa Plata today. I tried doing some snorkeling but visability was very poor. Did manage to see a barricuda and a few snappers...but that's about it. We were at the beach most of the day. Got lunch from Sol Food again. I had a Bob Marley, Lorrie had the pulled pork sandwich. You've just got to experience the Sol Food. It's the best.

We moved into Casa Dos Chivos after we left Playa Plata, it was about 4pm. Immediately Lorrie and I felt like we were at home. We just love the place. Michael and Patrick have re-done the bathroom and shower. It looks great. After we got everything unloaded we headed back into Isabel for more provisions. Our first stop was El Sombrero Veijo. We have looked for the place a couple of times and had yet to find it. We met the owner, Kathy, last year on one of our visits to the island. This time was found the place. We saw Kathy as soon as we went in and she remembered us. She's such a great lady. She was telling us about a birthday party celebration they're having on Wed. of next week. It's for all the Nov. birthdays. When we told her that Lorrie's birthday was Nov. 8th she grabbed her notebook and wrote down Lorrie's name. It now seems that Lorrie is going to have her name on the cake for the celebration Wednesday, along with all the other Nov birthdays. We're planning on being there at 6pm for the festivities. It's also kind of a Thanksgiving celebration. We're looking forward to it and we'll be sure and take plenty of video. While we were there we picked up a liter of Tangueray for $22 and 750ml of The Glen Livet for $33. Are those great prices or what!

As I'm typing this Lorrie is laying on the couch reading one of the many books that Michael and Patrick have here in the house. The ylang ylang tree scent is blowing through-out the place. I've had more than my fair share of Glenfiddich. It's just doesn't get any better.

Hasta Manana

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  1. Love those prices! El Sombrero Viejo, here we come!!