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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Bags are MIA......

So...we head into the airport and wait for our bags. Bluewater picks hers up....and no more bags? Oh sheit. We ask the Cape Air representative where our bags are? He calls and finds out that they are coming over on the 4:40 flight. Well..no big deal. We can call Maritzas and get our Jeep. Then we can call Mike and go to the house. By that time our bags should be on the island. I phone Maritzas and tell them we've arrived and need picked up. It's about 3:00. After 30 mins I call again, thinking maybe somehow they got mixed up. Another 20 mins and no Maritzas. I know, being a seasoned Vieques visitor, that you can just about drive to anyplace on this island in 20 mins. We've been waiting for 40 now. I call again, telling myself "Curt be calm, your on vacation", this time  a woman assures me that they've left and our in transit. Finally about 4:00pm a Maritzas van shows up. We waited an hour on them, that's a first. They've always been very prompt. So we go  to the office, get the Jeep, and I call Mike. He meets us at Maritzas and we head to the house. When we drive up to it both Lorrie and I get a sick feeling in our stomachs. What have we  rented this time? Lorrie doesn't even get out of the Jeep. I park on the road and go into the place with Mike. I get the quick tour, I've really already seen enough from the entrance, but Mike is very nice and shows me around.  After the house tour it's nearly 4:30 so with headaches from not enough food, Lorrie and I head back to the airport to claim our luggage.


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  1. Waiting on tenderhooks for the next installment, lol!