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Monday, November 14, 2011

Water Clarity improving....

Got an early start this morning. We wanted to have the time to move to other beaches if we couldn't find any clear water for snorkeling. We went to Playa Plata first (imagine that) and the winds were calm. There was a marked difference in the beach. It was beginning to look more like it did when we arrived over a week ago. It's taken about 5 days for things to start to clear up. I suppose this is regular process and we're just now starting to notice it. We camped out at the cabana I built over a week ago (hope someone is enjoying the one I built at Secret beach yesterday.) I headed out to do some spearfishing early since things looked better. This time I decided to try and film while I was spearfishing. Let me tell you...unless you have your camera mounted on your gun, it's all but impossible to do. I tried to make it happen but no luck. For one thing the depth I was seeing the larger fish at was too deep to film so I moved into the shallower part of the reef. Most of what happened looked like this clip:

I went out one other time later in the day, but once again, no luck. From now on the camera stays on the beach when I'm trying to fish.

Lorrie and I had the beach to ourselves for most of the day. Only two other couples showed up and neither of them stayed for any length of time. One of the last couples came up to our cabana and ask "Are you Curt?"  hmmm...I've had this happen before. Seems she is a member on TA (trip Advisor) and was reading some of my suggestions about visiting the island, she's also seen the blog. They had just gotten married on the island. We chatted with them for awhile. When we ask where they were staying they told us Quinta Jabali. Nice choice.

The last couple hours of the day Lorrie and I had the whole beach to ourselves...our own little paradise. We walked up and down the beach. Went over and checked out the "Orchid Art Gallery" (which I still haven't gotten pictures of yet.) Then we just sat in our beach chairs and watched the sun slowing drop towards the horizon. The "no-see-ums" once again told us it was time to leave. So we packed up and headed back to the casa.

On the way out of the refuge Lorrie counted all the "Lomos". There's 17 of them for anyone  interested.

Hasta Manana



  1. Hello Curt, really enjoy the blog. We will be in Vieques in feb. and looking to do some spear fishing. Did you rent equipment on the island? Thanks

  2. No, I purchased a gun. I don't know if there's anyplace to rent spearguns on the island? I would guess that "if" you could it would have to be from Blackbeard Sports in Isabel. Many of the small planes that fly from the main island to Vieques have limits/restrictions on what size of luggage they will accept. This played an important part in what size of gun I bought. Mine fits into one of our suitcases. I would like to have a larger gun, mines a 31", but there no way for me to fly with it.


  3. I see that below now. Checking out the JBL website currently! Also is there any chance of finding lobsters? We have spearfished and hunted lobsters off the keys, hard work but great fun and even better dinner! Thanks again.

  4. I have read of people getting lobsters towards the west end of Playa Grande. I personally have never tried it. You might check out this site for more info: http://www.flounderwear.com/vieques.html

    If you do find lobsters let me know...please. I'll do the same. I'll be on the island in about 10days.

    1. Great, will do. I am looking forward to spending some time searching for a lobster or two in the warm ocean. We will be there next week and will keep an eye out for you on the beach. I am a displaced Hoosier who is a bit tired of ice fishing and lots of winter to go still in Minnesota!