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Monday, November 7, 2011

Coqui Frogs and Cartoon Network

Coqui Frogs.....Cartoon Network....kinda sounds the same if you say it real fast doesn't it.

Well....here's the deal. When Lorrie and I finally got back to the house from the airport we were exhausted, it had been a very long day. The house was smoking hot so we headed up to the roof-top to just cool off and check out the view. When we got up to the roof all of our attention was directed towards the blasting television from across the street. Take a concrete house, add a 50" television with surround sound and you've got acoustics that will rival  Van Halens 1980 World Invasion "Party 'Til You Die Tour"  (and I should know because I was on the 3rd row when they came to Indiana.) All we could hear was Cartoon Network being played, that and the occasional Coqui frog. The TV plays all the time.. at what sounds like full blast.

I'll admit...this is a different situation than what Lorrie and I have experienced on Vieques in prior trips. We are obviously in what is a local neighborhood. These are just normal people, living life....and I'm sure if you were born and raised here, the novelty of a Caribbean view and the serenade of the coqui frogs could easily get trumped by Cartoon Network, especially if your young. This morning when I went outside I could hear the theme song from Star-Trek playing. A little later, before we left, it was Bonanza (that or Big Valley, I wasn't sure). So we've had to do  a little adjusting  to our new environment, but it seems to be "growing" on us.

I took a picture of the house that the tv is in. It's right across from Los Frutales, the house we're renting. These houses are both right on the street.

Below is a very quick video of the house. We were in a hurry to get to the beach. I'll post more video of the house in the coming days.

The below video is me pulling out of the gated parking space for the house.

This video is of the road from Monte Santo that takes you right to the Garcia Gate.

This is video of the drive back to Orchid beach.

We spent the day at Orchid. I built another shelter in nearly the same spot as I did this past Feb. Nothing much had changed on the beach, except that there were no rock sculptures. I took the time to add a couple.  Shelter built, sculptures up, so I headed out to do some spearfishing. Lorrie was busy sun-worshipping. Lorrie grabbed a shot of me heading out with all my gear on:

Now I seriously didn't expect to get a thing. Oh...I figured I might fling a few shots but that's about it. Well let me tell you I was blown away when a mutton snapper came in range and I took aim and let her rip. I nailed it exactly where I was aiming. Ended up getting one more a little bit later. Lorrie and I cooked them up for supper. Great way to end my first day at the beach.


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