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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Slow'n it down......

Water was perfect today on Playa Chiva.  Check out the video and you'll see what I mean.

We began the day early. Got to Playa Chiva about 8:40am and were delighted to find it crystal clear. I busied myself with building a cabana, yeah I know...another one.  Lorrie was a real trooper and did the beach combing for rope.

She also took quite a few shots of the construction of Casa Verde (we had a green flag on it and used green rope). Here's the process, as if you haven't seen it before:

He digs the holes.

He gathers the poles.

He builds the frame...

He gathers the fronds...

can't think of a rhyming word that corresponds.

Almost finished

Ta DA!

We used it all day...just kick'n back and taking things easy.

Left the beach about 4:30. Got home, ate and headed over to Peter and Rick's place. Peter had invited us over for drinks a day or so ago. This made our second visit and we really wanted to see how their construction had progressed. Peter was nice enough to allow us to take some pictures. The place is spectacular. I ask Peter if he ever pinches himself when he looks out his back door. What a view. A side benefit of visiting such a wonderful place like theirs is that I was able to get my "dog" fix. They've got 4 dogs and 2 cats (I think I have that right?) We love their pets and I had been missing Thorn, so it was nice.

And finally, here's some of the shots we took. It was later in the evening when we went over so the light was fading.

Last year when we were over they had what looked like a skateboard ramp in the area where the palm tree is. The palm trees were to be delivered the next day and the ramps were used to slide the palms into place.

See I told you there were dogs.

We love the downstairs of the house.

 What a great way to end a nice slow day. Thanks again Peter, we had a wonderful time. He makes the best Gin/tonics on the island.

Hasta Manana

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