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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving thanks....

Thoreau said "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." Lorrie and I are both thankful that we have the opportunity to see some of  the beauty that Vieques has to offer. For us it's not a one time event, but a journey. Along the way we are making some great friends... and to that point we want to give a special thanks to Peter. The evening over at your place meant a lot to us, we continue to talk about it.

The transition back to the "real world" seemed harder this time for Lorrie and I. We didn't get to see any sunshine until yesterday. Weather here in Indiana has been mostly cloudy with lots of rain and highs in the 40's, but that's November in Indiana....gray days.

Thanksgiving in Indiana, and the Midwest in general, is a time of  hunting. Our property becomes a sort of sanctuary for deer this time of year.  Deer hunting season is in full swing and with the prairie grass and woods, our little place is an oasis. I used to hunt.  I've mentioned before I worked as hunting guide for over 7 years, so I understand the process. As I've gotten older the drive to hunt has slowly ebbed away and left me. The spearfishing I did in Vieques this last trip was the first kind of "hunting" I've done in years. Buddies can't believe I don't hunt anymore. I can't explain to them the reasons why...it just is.

Will try and work on compilation video over the holiday. Best to all our friends and family.


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