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Sunday, November 13, 2011

So why did the chicken cross the road?

You'll have to watch the video to find out. It's a short one, only 50 seconds long.

We first drove out to Orchid  but the surf was still too rough and visibility would be poor. Drove over to Escondida to check it out and it seemed worse. Playa Chiva wasn't much better. So we ended up spending the day down at Pata Prieta. There was a strong east wind today and it's somewhat sheltered. The waters were a lot calmer but visibility was still poor. Lorrie and I snorkeled out to the far left hand side (standing on the beach looking out) and didn't really see much. Weather was gorgeous today. So much so that the sun was kinda hot. We had initially set up camp under a tree on the beach. I have a shot of it below:

It really wasn't as comfortable as one of my cabanas. I decided to go scavenging for some rope. I went all over the beach and really couldn't find anything. Told Lorrie I would be unable to build a cabana. I had found some vines that I thought might work, I've built one with them before but it's much harder. It was when I was looking at the vines that I found one wad of rope. Voila! I was in business. I didn't know it but Lorrie took a shot of the structure while it was in progress:

While I was working on our little cabana Lorrie drove down to Sol Food for some lunch (cabana building can make a guy hungry.) While Lorrie was down at Sol Food she ran into John and Anna. We met them a couple days ago on Orchid beach. Great people from the big apple. By the time Lorrie returned with the food our casa was finished. Here's some shots of it:

and yes...it also had my patented cup holders.

Rest of the day was spent like this....

or like this....

We ended up leaving around 5pm. The "no-see-ums" were coming out for their evening feed. As a final note, just in case anyone is interested...the chicken crossed the road twice.

Can you believe we saw it up the hill in the parking area right next to our jeep!



  1. We had our most successful and quiet day at Pata Prieta during Patronales. Seems every beach was crowded. That chicken politely begged us all day for food. We'd never seen beach hens before, and she was the only one we encountered.
    You must try the curried lentil salad at Sol Food. I could pass on all the other food and eat a pound of that anytime. Sorry to see that the big tree at their truck is gone.
    Thanks for the toast and keep 'em coming. We're getting by one day at a time.
    (Also, I'd love to hear of any "research" on the hotel developments.)

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