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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cabana Accessories.......

Since yesterday was a stay in day, because of the rain, we left Los Frutales early. On the way down to 997 Lorrie and I were trying to remember when the Green Store opened? We needed a few things for the beach. Lorrie said it opened prior to 9am. I thought it didn't open until after 9am. Well we got there at 8:40 and it was still closed. I hated to drive all the way into Isabel so we headed out to the little colmado that's just outside of Esperanza before you get to Island Adventures. He was open. Super nice older gentleman. We found everything we needed.

So with provisions procurred we headed out to Orchid. We were hoping we could get there early enough to get the cabana I made this past Sunday. We only got to spend the one day at it. On the way back to the Orchid turnoff we noticed how the surf was up on Playa Chiva. I was sure that we would find the same thing out at Orchid. Lorrie and  I were checking out the tire tracks in the mud to see if anyone had beat us there. No one had. We were the first ones on the beach. It was 9:15 and the surf was up BIG time. We parked in our normal turnout and decided to check things out first. When we got to the cabana water was running under it when each big wave came crashing in. I could see that setting the coolers between the beach chairs wasn't gonna work. As we were deciding if we were gonna stay or not, it started raining. Great....another rain day. I had looked at the radar before we left and I thought it was  clear, but the forecast was calling for a 50% chance of rain. Guess they were right. We decided to go to the Jeep and wait for a few minutes. No sooner did we get in the Jeep than the rain stopped. So...back to the beach, but I told Lorrie to only bring the chairs and my little folding saw. I had a project in mind.

It seemed to me that I could build a little table to put the coolers and other things on to keep them out of the surf, should a big wave crash into our cabana. So..with plan in hand I started scavenging for building materials. I found the wad of rope that I used when I built the cabana. I found the cut offs from the poles when I built the cabana. They would work for legs. Didn't take long to find a few other branches to finish the top with. As I was beginning my little project Lorrie took a picture:

I don't know why it is that I feel the need to build something as soon as I hit the beach, but it seems like I do. Guess it's the carpenter in me coming out. Lorrie went about her sun worshipping and just sitting in the waves. I took a shot of her doing what she does best:

A coconut rolled up in the surf and she used it as a foot stool. hmm...I bet I could make a really kewl foot stool, but for now it was on with the table. I had to make a few trips scavenging for more rope and a few other sticks. Not sure how long it took me. Maybe and hour or so. But I got her done. We took some pictures of it:

So...mission accomplished we moved into the cabana, waves be damned. And there were quite a few that came into the cabana but our coolers were high and dry. I was noticing Lorrie when she was drinking a beer and she would sit it down in the sand. As a wave would come in she would grab the beer so it wouldn't tip over. Hah...I know how to fix that. How about a cup holder. I remembered seeing a piece of bamboo when I was scavenging for rope. I went and got in and in a jiffy we had cup holders, the both of us.

Table...cup holders...now I felt like I could relax for awhile. Lorrie grabbed the camera and got a shot of me enjoying my handy-work.

The waves were still breaking pretty hard but not as many were making it into our cabana now. It was while we were both sitting there that I noticed a sail in the distance. It was coming closer. I grabbed the video cam and caught a Hobie GetAway as it was coming on shore. Lorrie and I both couldn't believe how fast it was moving.

We spent the rest of the day playing in the surf...walking the beach...talking to different people. I went over to the east side and put up quite a few rock balancing pieces. Wonderful day. We stayed until 5pm. The no-see-ums were just beginning to come out. We're heading back to our little, un-named, cabana in the morning.

Hasta manana


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