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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday night scrabble....

When's the last time you sat down with your significant other and played a board game? Seems like it's been forever for Lorrie and I. Always too busy or having too many things to do. The rain today kept us inside, which really wasn't a bad thing at all. This evening after a wonderful supper that  Lorrie cooked and then a drive to look at a few houses, we played a couple games of scrabble. Nice time, just the two of us,  TV was quiet next door too. Temperature was pleasant in the house, and still is. So nice just to have the time to find each other again. All I can hear this evening are coqui frogs and a western movie, although at a much lower volume than this past weekend.


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  1. Sums it up perfectly!

    "the time to find each other again"- 7 little words that describe Vieques to a T!