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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sorry...that flight has been closed

So...do you want the good news or the bad news?

Good news...well ok.

The scotch was great!

The bad news...we sat on the plane at SJU for nearly and hour waiting..and waiting to get off. It was 1:45 when we finally got off the thing. US Air never said a thing over the intercom about what the heck was going on. We had been on that plane for nearly 4 1/2 hours. Lorrie and I finally get off the plane, we were seated in row 28 this time. No first class upgrades were available. Darn the luck. Anyway...we finally get off the plane and head towards baggage claim. Now I'm watching where we are going and it suddenly dawns on me that we are going to have to leave the secure area of the airport to pick up our bags. Which means that we will have to go back thru airport security after we check our bags with Cape Air. Gawd...I can't believe I forgot about that. So..we get our bags and rush to the Cape Air desk. The guy behind the counter tells me "Sorry that fight has been closed." Jeez...what a way to start our trip. So I ask the guy..fine...when can you get us out? I can get you on the 4:40 flight, he tells me. So we get our boarding pass and just as we are leaving the counter the guy says " I'll put you on stand by and maybe they'll let you on the flight."

Yikes!!!! Lorrie and I rush to airport security, stripping off cloths faster than Lindsay Lohan can rack up misdemeanors. We fly thru and rush to the Cape Air gate. It's 2:15 when we get there. They let us on the fight. Yeah!!!!

As we're walking out to board the plane I notice that there's only 4 of us? hmm...where's everybody else at? And why in the world was it such a problem to let us on the flight? Who knows...I did though  get to meet Bluewater43 from Trip Advisor on the flight. We exchanged notes on the Caribbean. Hopefully Lorrie and I will get to see her during our two weeks.  Our pilot was Dave, and no it's not the Dave we've flown with before. Great flight...2:50pm and we are on the island, finally.


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