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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lazy morning...light rain

Light rain this morning has cooled things off nicely. Lorrie and I were both ready for a lazy day. We've had three days now at Los Frutales, so we're really beginning to get a feel for the place.  I ask Lorrie last night, "What do you like best about this house?" She paused for a moment....and didn't really have an answer. Ok...I ask her "What do you like best about Casa Dos Chivos?" Before I could hardly finish the sentence she said "the veranda". So I ask her "What did you like best about Quinta Jabali?" She immediately said the covered porch by the pool. So that's kinda where we are at with Los Frutales. Things have quieted down somewhat from the weekend. The TV still plays..but not nearly as loud. A woman was obviously very upset this morning. We could hear her screaming at someone, either the children or the husband, it went on for quite some time, Lorrie and I got a chuckle out of it. But mostly this morning we are   enjoying the cooling effect of the rain.

We took some pictures yesterday around the house. Seems everywhere we turn we had a visitor. It's the neighbors cat, well that's what property manager said about it when I got the initial tour. Lorrie and I dont' mind. We have a cat at home so for us it felt right. Seems most every picture I took around the house she managed to get into the shot. We were walking out to the patio/arbor for morning coffee when I took this first shot.

The buoganville is beautiful.

You can see that this cat is not at all afraid of strangers. She jumped right up on Lorrie's lap.

Wouldn't you know it...as soon as I tell Lorrie she's got a new buddy the cat jumps  from her lap to mine. Lorrie got a laugh out of it all. We sat out on the patio and had coffee but it was really rather warm. Lorrie decided to go down to the pool and dangle her toes in the water. I took a couple shots of it.

Notice who made it into the picture again.

This is a shot of the screened-in dining room. I'm sitting in it now typing this. 

This last shot is of the little garden that's on the way up to the roof top.

Before I close this post out I think it's important that I point out some things we liked and noticed about Los Fruitales. These are some of the little things that a traveler will notice. There's nice cutlery with the kitchen and plenty of it. Nice appliances and plenty of flatware. The pillows in the bedrooms are very good and there's no shortage of them either. The internet connection has been flawless and fast. There is a surge protector for electronics. The notes with the house said it was in the master bedroom. Nothing in there. We ended up finding it in one of the cabinets in the kitchen. The notes with the house also said to be respectful fo the neighbors with the sound system throughout the house.  hmmm....


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